Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is the process really fast and easy? (What's your Process?)

It’s as easy as ordering the #1 Double Cheeseburger Combo at your favorite fast food restaurant: First, choose the Video ShortsSM package that’s right for you and your product. We have customizable packages for nearly any budget, for any product or service imaginable. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO SHORTS PACKAGE MENU

Fill out the form HERE with the details you want us to know about the product, features and benefits, etc. Remember no one knows your product better than you, so include everything you think will help us tell it and sell it!

Now just ship your product, right to our studio. Once we receive it, we’ll write the script, get approval, then create your video and send it back to you within 10-20 business days depending on the package you choose.

2) What are your rates? Are there flat rates or am I going to get nickel-and-dimed?

No nickel-and-diming here. We want to make selling your product via video, fast, painless, and easy, so we created FLAT RATES. No hassle, no up-sell, no quibble. Once you choose the package that fits, you’re just a few clicks away from making your video a reality. CLICK HERE FOR OUR BASIC PACKAGE SAMPLES AND RATES

If you view our high-end work and like what you see and want something bigger, better and more impactful, we offer nearly limitless customization options to fit any size project -from $15,000 to $300,000 and higher. Check out some of our higher-end demos if you think that’s what you need. CLICK HERE FOR CUSTOMIZED VIDEO OPTIONS

3) My brother owns a video camera, and I have my sweet camera phone. Why do I need you to produce a video for me?

Your brother also probably knows how to make hamburgers, but that doesn’t mean you can get one of his meals on every streetcorner in the world like McDonald’s. In short: we’re the McDonald’s of video. At Video ShortsSM, we have the global sales experience and video-creation knowledge in the direct response space to deliver targeted, quality results at a fraction of the budget you could spend at a frou-frou artsy production house. We cut to the chase, while not cutting corners. We deliver brand messaging and bring your product’s sweet spot into focus for millions of viewers and potential customers worldwide. We’ve done it for over 30 years, and brought in a collective $1.5B in sales during that time. So yeah, we’re sure your brother’s burgers are pretty special, but when your product sales are on the line, leave the video marketing work to the real professionals.

4) We need our video, like yesterday. What is the fastest you can deliver mine if I'm in a rush?

We do offer a RUSH delivery service. Please call for more details so we can expedite your project and give you an estimate of the rush charge. Halving the production time is usually double the rate (1 week turnaround = $1K additional fee).

5) What kind of say do I have in the scripting and conception process? What if I'm really picky?

Each of our packages include a standard number of revisions. Your standard package fee includes 2 script revisions. Our scriptwriters have over 30 years experience writing for some of the top brands worldwide, so they will generally hit the target message on the first try. We will work with your concept, if you have one, provided it fits into the package budget. Revisions may include minor wordsmithing or structural or scenario changes should the initial vision not be a good fit.

6) What if my video requires animals, kids, or additional locations or actors?

Our standard packages are designed to get you moving quickly into the video sales space with the most streamlined cost-effectively efficient approach possible. However we realize that every product is different. If your product requires special consideration (animals, kids, additional actors, exterior locations) we have customization options to fit every project. To learn more about customizing a video short, contact us. We'll help you design exactly the right product to help your video need.

7) What is your revision policy?

While we strive for perfection in every video, we know there can be changes desired after you see the final production. With your video short, you'll get the opportunity to make minor revisions, including, but not limited to: font and graphic style changes, transition effects, color correction, and sound effect and music changes. Please remember that with every round of revisions your project deadline may be extended.

8) How long are your videos?

Our standard package videos range from :15-:60 seconds in length. However customizable lengths are available; please contact us to discuss details and options.

9) Do I own the footage and finished videos?

Absolutely! When your project is complete, we will send you link to the final master file for digital use and a separate link for broadcast use (if applicable).


Absolutely. If you’re not satisfied, let us know. We’ll do everything humanly possible to make it right. It’s that simple. We want each and every one of our clients, and friends to be happy and most importantly PROFITABLE with the work we do. And if you’ll take a look at some of our many global clients and samples, you’ll see we have satisfied thousands of customers over the years, and we know we can do the same for you. Give us a try and CLICK HERE to select your video package today.